Storm Brewing Gin & Tonic Pilsner on Tap

Remember those car work shops that your dad used to take you to? Equipment all over the place, a real lived in feel and no one in a white lab coat like many of todays auto shops…

Being the true originator in Vancouver’s craftbeer scene, Storm Brewing is an authentic throwback when you walk through their loading bay doors with piles of beer making gear and tinctures lining the walls. In the heart of East Van, it’s must stop for craftbeer lovers, and Smiths is finally gonna be having their unique beers on tap. No white labs coats, just serious mad beer scientists making great brews.

First on tap is their Brainstorm Gin & Tonic Pilsner. Trust us, you’re gonna notice the Gin & Tonic.
Next inline is their Brainstorm Pineapple Paradise Pilsner. Shhhhhh.

Don’t be a stranger, this won’t last long.

On tap now.

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