P49 Brews Brothers V4 TapTakeOver Apr 4

Parallel 49 Brewing is back at it with the launch of Brews Brothers Volume 4.

Heads up Vic! We’ll have all 12 brand new Brews Brothers collaboration beers on tap for this launch party.

Some seriously desirable beers are coming including, Hungry Like the Wolf, a Belgian Scotch Ale brewed with fresh Fuyu persimmons in collaboration with Bad Tattoo Brewing, Spin Me Right Round, a clean and crisp Hoppy Rice Lager hopped with Ahtanum, Mosaic and Motueka hops in collaboration with Twin Sails Brewing and Need You Tonight, a Coffee Imperial Stout with flavours of cherry and wood and a creamy mouthfeel, brewed in in collaboration with Parkside Brewery.

Peace, Love and Understanding, a crisp and clean traditional German Pilsner brewed with Postmark Brewing, Mad World, a heavy-hitting West Coast IPA with notes of apricot, lemon rind and wildflowers in collaboration with Boombox Brewing and Autobahn, a Smoked Helles and our interpretation of a traditional German Rauchbier, brewed in collaboration with Gladstone Brewing.

Eyes of a Stranger, a rich, malty Dopplebock with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and dried fruit in collaboration with R&B Brewing, One Way or Another, a light and refreshing Blonde Sour brewed with fresh BC pears, in collaboration with Riot Brewing and Whip It, a Grand Cru Imperial Belgian Wit brewed with premium malts and a Belgian yeast strain, this beer has a sweet and spicy profile with notes of walnuts, rum, lightly toasted pastry and nutmeg, brewed in collaboration with Mount Arrowsmith Brewing.

Turning Japanese, a citrusy Belgian Witbier brewed with Yuzu and Sorachi Ace hops straight from Japan in collaboration with Red Collar Brewing, Born Under Punches, a warming, aromatic Barleywine with notes of cherry and apricot brewed with Superflux Brewing and She Blinded Me with Science, a hop-forward Black IPA with floral hop notes and a toasty, bitter malt chocolate finish, brewed in collab with Faculty Brewing.

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Photo Credit – Scout Magazine

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