IQ 2000 Trivia Tuesdays

Launching Tuesday June 4, Trivia IQ 2000 lands at Smiths Pub.

First off, always free to play! No entry fees. Just show up and you’re in the game. 

Gather your team and get ready for a couple hours of good times and good laughs.

Every Tuesday beginning Tuesday June 4
Starts at 8pm.

What actually happens?

The event begins at 8pm by introducing the teams and giving away an enthusiasm prize to the team with the best cheer. We then launch into two rounds of 10 questions each. The first round is usually random topics, while Round 2 is a theme round, which changes week to week.

After the first two rounds are done, there’s a quick review period, then teams swap answer sheets for marking. The host goes over the answers, collects the answer sheets, and breaks for half-time. Half-time lasts 10 to 15 minutes. 

After half-time, we announce the standings and do another enthusiasm prize for the team with the best cheer. Round 3 and 4 are 10 more questions each. Round 3 is a music round, name that tune style. We play clips from 10 songs and ask teams to identify the artist and title. Round 4 is random trivia. Another review period, trade answer sheets, mark, total up first and second half scores, and award prizes to the top three teams.

Check it out on Facebook here >>> IQ 2000 Trivia at Smith’s Pub

Check IQ 2000 out >>> IQ 2000 Trivia

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