FIFA World Cup 2018

Live from the Trump trolling homeland of Putin, we’ve got a large selection of World Cup games that we will be broadcasting LIVE on our BIG screen starting Friday June 15.

National pride is on the line with global powerhouses France, Brazil, Spain, Belgium and Germany all looking to establish dominance and bragging rights for the next four year.

Doors will open at 11am on all weekday gamedays with volume, a craft beer special and a HUUUGE platter special for two people
including Sliders, Wings & Fries.

Friday June 15 | 11am | Portugal vs Spain
Monday June 18 | 11am | Tunisia vs England
Tuesday June 19 | 11am | Russia vs Egypt
Wednesday June 20 | 11am | Iran vs Spain
Thursday June 21 | 11am | Argentina vs Croatia
Friday June 22 | 11am | Serbia vs Switzerland
Monday June 25 | 11am | Spain vs Morocco*
Tuesday June 26 | 11am | Nigeria vs Argentina*
Wednesday June 27 | 11am | Serbia vs Brazil*
Thursday June 28 | 11am | England vs Tunisia

Saturday June 30 | 7am | France vs Argentina *Argyle Attic
Saturday June 30 | 11am | Uruguay vs Portugal *Argyle Attic
Sunday July 1 | 7am | Spain vs Russia *Argyle Attic
Sunday July 1 | 11am | Croatia vs Denmark *Argyle Attic
Monday July 2 | 7am | Brazil vs Mexico *Argyle Attic
Tuesday July 3 | 7am | Sweden vs Switzerland *Argyle Attic
Tuesday July 3 | 11am | Colombia vs England

Friday July 6 | 7am | Uruguay vs France *Argyle Attic
Friday July 6 | 11am | Brazil vs Belgium
Saturday July 7 | 7am | Sweden vs England *Argyle Attic
Saturday July 7 | 11am | Russian vs Croatia *Argyle Attic

Tuesday July 10 | 11am | France vs Belgium
Wednesday July 11 | 11am | Croatia vs England

Saturday July 14 | 7am | TBA *Argyle Attic

Sunday July 15 | 8am | TBA

Yes, as you can see, many of these games will played in upstairs in Argyle Attic. Grab some Breakfast or Brunch and watch some footy.

Round of 16, Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals TBD
*Game shown may switch due to relevance

UPDATED viewing schedules will be posted once available. Zazdarovje!

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  1. […] Smiths will be open at 11 a.m. for every weekday game day, and offer a craft beer special and “HUUUGE” platter special for two people, including sliders, wings, and fries. They also offer $4 cans of PBR every day, so not a bad deal all around! For a full game schedule, visit their website. […]